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SiGMA Malta 2023 Conversion Gurus

A Slice of SiGMA Europe 2023

We, as a business, are people – people. We understand humans, it dictates our UX and CRO design thinking, and the energy we get interacting with new contacts, friends, and clients in the industry cements why we love this sector and why we have worked in it for over 20 years. It never fails to surprise us, and this year’s SiGMA iGaming summit in Malta was no exception.

This year’s week-long event was at a bigger venue, and the conference had a great vibe to it with lots of hustle and bustle and people with packed diaries and even busier LinkedIn connection requests. Everyone we met and interacted with said they were meeting new people and having great discussions, and felt the bigger venue allowed more room for bigger and better ideas and conversations.

Aside from the larger space and impressive attendance, the conference itself was a little disorganised. It felt like they still needed to find their feet, and the travel to and from the venue was a nightmare. It’s no secret I love Malta, and love it even more that I get to travel here for business as well as see many familiar and friendly faces, but let’s just say it would be really hard to get a 5-star Uber rating anytime soon.

As much as 2023 has seen major positive progressions in the corporate world in terms of the gender pay gap and a crackdown on sexism and misogyny in the workplace, it was evident that many of the old-school values within iGaming remain, with some stands using scantily clad female dancers as a way to draw attention rather than what the business or product itself can offer. Entertainment and performance have always been at the forefront of iGaming, with the industry being born in casinos and gambling houses in the entertainment capitals of the world, but I do feel there are some elements that could catch up with the rest of 2023 and focus on being the forerunners in technology advancements and cutting edge gaming solutions rather than having the stand with the most jewels and feathers.

However – the post-conference events more than made up for things. Could there be a more perfect place to attend the Conversion Club event than Casino Maltese in the heart of beautiful Valetta? As well as the perfectly opulent casino venues, Malta Baby was buzzing and bustling, and we were astounded by the amazing rooftop pool bar at Infinity by Hugo’s. Ace Alliance by Revpanda was superb, and the quality of the people networking and unwinding was amazing, as was the entertainment, food and drinks served, all set against the stunning backdrop of Muza, Valetta.

Overall, is it worth coming every year to Malta even with the business and travelling chaos… 100%. The interactions with people, the engagement in insightful dialogue, and the exchange of ideas with prominent players in the field make the trip always more than worth it.

It’s time for a Nana nap now though, as there are only so many evening events on a school night you can successfully resurrect from after over 20 years in the bizz…