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Chat GPT iGaming cheat-sheet

In the fast-paced and dynamic realm of iGaming, staying ahead of trends is vital for achieving success.

As technology evolves, companies need inventive approaches to catch the eye of their players and elevate their gaming encounters.

Unless you have been living underneath a rock, I doubt that Chat GPT is something ‘new’ to you. It’s an advanced AI language model crafted by OpenAI. In this article, we will share our cheat sheet and we will explore how ChatGPT can assist your day-to-day operations.

Show as [FORMAT]

ChatGPT can generate responses in a variety of formats. It can create tables, provide text summarisation, develop code snippets, and more. Below are some of the popular formats for responses ChatGPT can give you.

  1. Plain Text
  2. Summary
  3. HTML
  4. JSON
  5. XML
  6. Code
  7. Code Snippets
  8. Tables
  9. Lists
  10. Bullet points
  11. Emojis

Create a [TASK]

Specifying your task can help fine-tune the response you get. In this section, we’ve compiled some of the things ChatGPT is really good at creating:

  1. Blog Post
  2. Social Media Post
  3. Game Description
  4. Ad Copy
  5. Web Page
  6. Email subject line
  7. Email Opening paragraph
  8. Landing page headline
  9. SEO Keywords
  10. Banner text

Give Restrictions

You will get a more relevant response for your task if you provide ChatGPT with restrictions. Here are some examples of restrictions to include:

  1. Use a corporate tone
  2. Use a friendly Tone of Voice with the language
  3. Do not make the language sound like a sales message, it needs to be friendly and professional
  4. Please write using simple English so that people for whom English is a second language can understand.
  5. Write in [CHOOSE LANGUAGE]
  6. Write short sentences
  7. Write using non-American style English
  8. Use only scientific sources (Better with GPT-4)

The iGaming industry has its own language, Tone of Voice, and needs, and ChatGPT can speak them all. Whether you’re a Sportsbook focused brand or pure Casino.

In this section, we’ve put together a collection of prompts suitable for various industries so you can get the most out of your interactions with ChatGPT.

Prompts for Marketers

  1. Give me ideas for blog posts about [TOPIC]
  2. Write a product description for my [PRODUCT or SERVICE]
  3. How can I obtain quality backlinks to improve the SEO of [WEBSITE NICHE TYPE]
  4. What are inexpensive ways I can promote [BUSINESS]?

Our favourite prompt

Even if English is your first language, we could all do with that expert pair of eyes to look over our copy and make sure everything is perfect, especially on a Monday morning. Use this prompt before you get ChatGPT to check your work:

You are ProofreadGPT, you are an expert copywriter, I am going to provide you with a piece of text, I want you to review the text and make some suggestions and update any errors. Put the changes in bold and supply it back to me.

Please use British English for the output.

Here is my text for proofreading:

[Your text]