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CRO Audit

So, what’s in a Conversion Gurus CRO audit?

Before you start pitting web pages and elements against each other in the battle for the best conversion rates, it’s essential to grasp a few things:

  • Where potential customers are dropping off.
  • The reasons behind their departure.
  • How to shift their website frustrations into positive experiences that convert.

During our conversion audit our data analysts, UX developers and behavioural psychologists will:

Delve into your website to uncover all the culprits responsible for low conversions.
Suggest impactful improvements that will significantly boost your bottom line.

These pivotal insights will be the foundation for your CRO journey and A/B testing. Your website conversion audit encompasses:

  1. A blend of qualitative (data-driven) and quantitative (conceptual) research.
  2. Swift technical remedies that need immediate attention.
  3. Proper Google Analytics setup to accurately monitor your site traffic and events.
  4. A comprehensive report dissecting each aspect of the analysis.
  5. A final presentation detailing the findings from the analysis, outlining immediate fixes, proposed future tests, and the strategy to increase your site’s conversion.
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