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Ta' Xbiex, Malta, iGaming business trip

Making the Mosta out of Malta

I read a cheesy quote somewhere years ago: “Investment in travel is an investment in yourself” – and I’m not ashamed to say that cheesy quote has never proved me wrong.

Having just touched down from yet another amazing week in Malta, I’m reflecting on my time with clients, old and new, some of whom I’m proud to call friends rather than associates.

I like to think I remember everything about Malta, but each time I return I experience something for the first time, and I leave hoping it’s not my last. Malta is beautiful, and although I only spend a short time there in comparison to my time working in the UK, it still feels like home when I touch down on this little Mediterranean gem.

I love the different companies and people we get to spend time with, the individuals from all walks of life and nationalities (🇲🇹 🇭🇺 🇩🇪 🇧🇷 🇺🇦 🇹🇷 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇮🇹 🇸🇪 🇱🇻) to name a few! I love the Maltese weather, even though it seems I brought the “UK rain” with me on this occasion – and was so soaked through before a meeting I had to get changed!

This was my first trip back to Malta this year, and I was armed with the new rebranding of our iGaming side of the business: Conversion Gurus. It felt like a brand new introduction or a first-time encounter explaining to clients old and new about what we do and what the rebrand means for us as a business. I’m happy to report there was positive feedback only! (at least to my face…)

This trip only heightened my excitement to step foot back on Maltese soil in November for SiGMA, and we are very much looking forward to attending the conference at the new venue in Marsa… bigger and better… just like our plans for Conversion Gurus! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed I can book a Bolt taxi back to my hotel, otherwise, there’s a long post-conference bus ride in my not-so-far-away future…

We are booking SiGMA meetings now, but only looking to take on a selective amount of CRO projects for the end of 2023. As always, we look forward to providing innovative, creative, and UX-centric results for past, present, and future clients, tailored to your unique business needs.

I always leave this jewel in the Mediterranean’s crown learning something new from my clients, and return home fascinated having heard about their pain points, positives and how the industry is changing from their perspective. But I also leave Malta having learned something new about myself and my own businesses, recognising how not only my approach to Readysalted and Conversion Gurus is positively impacted by travel and networking overseas, but also my perspective on our industry in general.

Time to refer back to the cheesy quote I started with, because it’s safe to say I’ve never not left Malta feeling like I’ve invested in myself, my business, my professional relationships, or my future… but instead of a cheesy quote, I promise to try and keep it Readysalted next time.