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Crypto Casino Launch UX and CRO work

Crypto Casino UX, brand and CRO

Conversion Gurus were asked to help launch a new Crypto casino brand and mobile-first UX.

Our Process

To initiate the project, we entered into an NDA with a new crypto-only brand, outlining the logistical requirements expected from Conversion Gurus. The client sought to establish a new brand along with UX design for the homepage, product pages, and crucial registration forms.

Given the company’s already successful portfolio, launching an additional brand was a strategic business goal, albeit one that would demand more from their bustling team. Conversion Gurus was commissioned to facilitate this launch, laying the groundwork for the brand’s internal developers to later build upon.

The internal development team planned to use our UI designs as a blueprint for the website’s more standard sections. This approach was aimed at reducing costs and simplifying the development process.

After the initial briefing, we commenced with project planning and collaborated with the client to establish delivery milestones. We initiated the UX and development process, starting by creating the brand and basic guidelines, including fonts and colour palette. We gathered information, identified key performance indicators (KPIs), and outlined technical specifications.

Wireframes were then created, signed off, and the UI work was undertaken. A handover meeting with the development team ensured that all departments, both external and internal, understood what needed to be delivered.


The collaboration between Conversion Gurus and our client resulted in a visually appealing and user-friendly crypto casino brand. Our strategic approach to the UX design and development process led to:

  • A seamless integration of the brand’s visual identity across the homepage, product pages, and key registration forms, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • The establishment of a robust UI framework that guided the client’s internal development, reducing project costs and timelines.
  • Meeting all project delivery milestones on time, facilitating a smooth handover to the internal development team.

Most notably, the project’s success was reflected in the immediate positive feedback from early users, with a significant increase in user engagement and registration rates. These outcomes not only validated the effectiveness of our collaborative process but also set a new benchmark for the client in terms of design and functionality standards for future projects.

Technology used

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